Behind the new Don Johnston logo—learn what it all means

By Ben Johnston

Behind the new Don Johnston logo—learn what it all means

Blue Don Johnston Human Learning Tools logo

From the device you’re reading this on, to the technology that sends it around the world, to the thermostats in modern homes that seem to know what you want right now, technology is on the verge of making us superheroes. And it’s close to giving us the confidence of superheroes.  

Everyone has a role to play.

For over 38 years, schools (and you!) have depended on our learning technologies (and us) to spark transformations that last a lifetime.  We set out to capture this through the new elements of the Don Johnston brand.

Our new logo focuses on wings, waves, and elevation. We want to convey the transformation our students (and educators) feel when they experience a learning breakthrough.

Learning is for Life

We adopted the tagline “Learning is for Life” to say learning is never the end, it’s just the beginning—it’s the focus of everything we do.

New Don Johnston website with students smiling

And we have a new website that conveys the passion we feel—we still have some more work to do to get our resources where we want them, but you can see where it’s going.

Back to making us all superheros…it starts with learning. We visited a local high school and asked students what they would do if they could learn anything. I think you’ll be inspired by their responses.

I hope these new elements unveil us as a company and the mission we feel so deeply—inspiring transformations for the next 38 years (that’s 2056!).

It’s a look to the future while not forgetting the past.

– Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston smiles in front of white background

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