Co:Writer has always had a test mode built in, but it recently got some impressive upgrades.


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Co:Writer automatically adjusts features to comply with testing requirements for over 50 assessments.


Why use Co:Writer for testing accommodations? We’re always methodical when we build something. This is no exception.


Here’s what we do:

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• Setup/Management  Select your assessment from the drop-down menu in a centralized location and Co:Writer automatically adjusts over 35 features to comply with testing accommodation requirements for any number of selected users.

• Test Settings — A drop-down menu provides automatic settings adjustment to comply with state assessments.

• Student Settings – Co:Writer retains all student settings (colors, text size, fonts, number of guesses, text-to-speech voice, rate, pitch, etc.) and only restricts features disallowed on the chosen assessment.

• Installation — Co:Writer Test Mode is built into the same tool your students use throughout the year. No additional installation is required.


Test mode active dialog box. Text reads "You are in test mode. No writings will be saved. Writings will be removed upon signing out."


• Test Security — Co:Writer, in Test Mode, does not send any text outside of the secure writing environment—eliminating the risk of compromised security.

• Proof of Accommodation Use — Co:Writer data shows when the tool was issued to each student and usage data to prove it was used for the required time period leading up to the assessment.


Download (PDF) our decision-making guide to see if your Testing Accommodation Tools are really test-ready.

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Already have Co:Writer? Download (PDF) our Co:Writer in Test Mode.


Here are the assessments we have set up (as of March 8, 2019). This is not meant to be an endorsement by any of these testing organizations. We did our research based on the policies and requirements publicly posted in the documentation for each assessment.


ACT Aspire
ACT QualityCore
ACT WorkKeys
ACT-Prediction – Word prediction only with Grammar Off
AzMERRIT – Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching

CMAS – Colorado Measures of Academic Success

CoAlt – Colorado Alternative Assessment Program

FSA – Florida Standards Assessment
Georgia Milestones

I AM – Indiana’s Alternate Measure

IAR – Illinois Assessment of Readiness

ILEARN – Indiana’s Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network

IREAD – Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination

IREAD: Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination

ISASP – Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress

ISAT – Idaho Standards Achievement Test

ISTEP – Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress
K-PREP – Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress
KAP – Kansas Assessment Program
LEAP – Louisiana Educational Assessment Program
Louisiana End-of-Course Test

M-STEP – Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress
MAP (MO) – Missouri Assessment Program
MAP (MS) – Mississippi Assessment Program
MCA – Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments
MCAS – Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
MEA – Maine Educational Assessment
Missouri End-of-Course Test
Nevada End-of-Course Test
New York State Assessments
Regents Exams

NH SAS: New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System
North Carolina End-of-Grade Test
NSCAS – Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System
Ohio End-of-Course Test

OSAS – Oregon’s Statewide Assessment System
OST – Ohio’s State Tests
OSTP – Oklahoma School Testing Program
PACE – Performance Assessment of Competency Education
PARCC – Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

PEAKS – Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools
Keystone Exams

Pennsylvania Keystone Exams
PSAT – Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
PSSA – Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
SAGE – Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence
SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test
SBAC – Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
SCReady – South Carolina College and Career Ready Assessments
SOL – Standards of Learning
SCECT – South Carolina End-of-Course Test
STAAR-Spelling – Word Prediction, STT, Spell Check, and TTS
STAAR-Transcribe – Word Processor & Speech-to-Text
TCAP – Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program

Wisconsin Forward

WY-TOPP – Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress


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