What is a TechXpert & Why Does it Matter?

By Josh Maglasang

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We make our tools to better human learning because we believe that learning isn’t the endgame—it’s just the beginning. If we can help lift barriers to learning, we can open up possibilities for life. Technology is everywhere and is a vital part in lifting those barriers. So, we’ve been working diligently to provide you an easier way to discover your potential through technology and have proudly developed the Don Johnston Learning Academy.

Learning Technology Experts

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With the support of the Learning Academy, we firmly believe that anyone can become a learning technology expert, or as we like to call them a TechXpert. For students, becoming a TechXpert opens the doors to self-awareness, independence, and advocacy for their specific needs. It helps them to deeply and passionately lead their learning no matter the subject matter or learning style.


As educators, you want to model learning and technology for your students. By learning the technology you become an independence facilitator, which provides you opportunities to coach students in new ways and to inspire students to find their passion in diverse subject matters. It also gives you the ability to design your classroom around students’ needs, which encourages learning independence and increases student capacity to lead. By encouraging and increasing independence and capacity, you foster a student-led culture

Why it Matters

We have seen the exciting effects of this firsthand. Check out our webinar where Donna Schneider, Assistive Technology Specialist at Brewster Central School District in New York shares the four steps they took to implement technology through a student-led model and the outcomes that they have seen.

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Discover Your Potential

We know often times the first step is the hardest, and we hope we’ve taken that burden away. Through the Learning Academy, we designated learning pathways, curated student-led videos and created printable content for you and your students to get started.


The Learning Academy was designed so you can take it directly to your students. With each pathway having up to 30 minutes of instruction time, you and your students can easily begin by spending 10 minutes a day learning a different feature of our tools to help them for the rest of the year—the rest of their life. 


Imagine how empowering, how exciting the classroom environment will be when your students have become technology experts and independent learners.


It’s never too late to start, so start now!

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