Our Top 10 Articles of 2019

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Before we close out 2019 and enter the big 2020, we’re looking back at our top articles—stories from teachers around the country, tips and tricks for your classroom, and even our thoughts on some of the hottest topics in education. 


The New Year is a time to look back as well as forward, so before you make your New Year’s resolutions, explore some of the possibilities. You just may find an idea or just some inspiration to set your course.


Without delay, here are our top articles from 2019:

Every educator faces writing like the one above. But how do you screen for writing issues and help your students with dysgraphia? Find out in this article written by Occupational Therapist, Kati McIlroy.

Dysgraphia Writing Sample

The Director of Technology at Groves Academy shares how assistive technology helps him connect the dots—taking students from dyslexic to independent.

Groves Academy school building

Teaching “writing” in a special education classroom is a challenge for most teachers. Special educator, Keary Pieczynski, had an idea that got her whole class writing.

Students working at a smartboard together

We hear a lot about “raising expectations” in the special education classroom, but the workload, how is it even possible? Special educator, Patti Hummel, shares some ways she has brought expectations up and engaging her classroom by working smarter.

Patti Hummel working with her students in the classroom

What can a $200 million dollar painting tell us about the value expression? What if that expression comes in an unexpected place—from a kid with autism?

Jackson Pollock Painting number 17a

Do you ever wonder why people so adamantly push back against many accommodations? We’ve thought a lot about it. Here’s why…

Graphic illustrating a variety of human augmentation and assistive technology

There’s an accessibility movement underway and the largest companies in the world (Google, Microsoft, and Apple) are taking notice. But what happens when we make LEARNING more accessible to everyone?

Google assistant device on shelf

There are many different types of word prediction. Dig into what makes Co:Writer the one that does the trick—helping the who have the biggest writing needs? In the end it’s your call – What’s Good Enough?

National Geographic turtle with Co:Writer active

We know how accommodations work for students with reading and writing challenges, but what about students who are learning English? Accommodation have the unique ability to cut through language barriers and help students learn.

Osa saying it's about picking the way you learn best.

Dyslexia is in focus across the country, and public opinion has changed legislation—how districts support their students with dyslexia. Learn more about this movement and what you can do to help.

Infographic showing that 1 in 5 people are thought to be affected by dyslexia

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