Best of 2020 - Top 5 Webinars

eLearning for students with complex needs

Believe in better our top 5 webinars on-demand

In 2020, we ran over 50 webinars. As this calendar year comes to a close (yay 2021!), we’re bringing you the best of the best—the most popular webinars for special educators working with students who have significant disabilities. They’re available on-demand for a limited time.

  1. eLearning: Supporting Students with Complex Needs At Home
  2. Teaching Students with Complex Needs with Readtopia—A Path to Believe in Better
  3. Our Favorite Remote/eLearning Strategies for Special Ed Teachers and Parents
  4. Believe in A Better Writing Curriculum for Students with Complex Needs
  5. How to Support Writing at Home for Students with Complex Needs—A Guide for Parents and Teachers


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