All Readtopia resources are available to you on a central website and ready for download and delivery in any setting.

Each Thematic Unit is easily delivered in-person or via distance learning. Lessons can be uploaded to any LMS or printed out for easy use by students and parents.

Thematic Unit Examples

Thematic units contains 6-12 weeks worth of instructional materials covering everything from social-emotional learning, reading instruction, to topic areas like states of matter and the Underground Railroad. Each Thematic Unit is easily deliverable in-person or via distance learning. Lessons can be emailed, uploaded to Google Classroom (or any LMS), and printed out for students and parents.

Resources for Thematic Units

Resources within each thematic unit include a companion narrative book presented in graphic novel format (at seven levels), video, informational text and worksheets (at four skill levels), phonics/word study instruction, vocabulary, and math lessons. Students are assessed several times during each Thematic Unit and data is easily collected and compared across units.

Curriculum Guide

Readtopia has an extensive Curriculum Guide to support teachers as they learn this comprehensive curriculum. Once you open the Curriculum Guide, the list of resources is on the left hand side.

Strategies for eLearning

eLearning for students with complex needs requires individualized strategies geared specifically towards that population of students. Here you’ll find a few best practices.  
  1. Materials are available as PDFs, which are easy and flexible to share through email, Google Classroom, and Learning Management Systems—or print them off for students without devices or Internet access.
  2. Videos—Record yourself reading the leveled graphic novel with the graphic novel on-screen for the students to see.
  3. Jamboard—Create letter tiles to use with the Making Words Phonics program.
  4. Print Center—Limited Internet access? Not a problem! With the print center feature, all materials for the entire thematic unit can be printed in order making it easy to send materials home to students.
Readtopia Levels Graph
Who is Readtopia for?

All materials are designed to meet the unique needs of students with complex needs from late elementary through transition, and many adult education programs use Readtopia as the foundation of their programming.

COVID Relief Funding

$54.3 Billion in Additional COVID Relief Aid for K-12 Students, Teachers, and Schools

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act passed into law in late December 2020 includes almost four times the amount of funding than originally provided through the CARES Act. This funding is intended to facilitate continuity of learning and address the learning loss caused by extended eLearning/Remote Learning and Blended learning situations.

Resources and Support

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Webinar On-Demand

Preparing Your Special Ed “Classroom” for Next Year—How Readtopia Can Help

Presented by Karla Rachfal

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Webinar On-Demand

How to Make Instructional Content Accessible on iPad

Presented by Caroline Musselwhite, Kelly Key, Lauren Sheehan

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Readtopia at Home: Supporting Students with Complex Needs

by Luke Trayser


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