School Psycologist shares her experience with Start-to-Finish, and Don’s book Building Wings, on students with autism and Aspergers

Ann Arbor, MI

As a school psychologist, I have watched students who really struggled with academic skills make significant gains once a comprehensive assistive technology process was in place.  Don Johnston’s products were often the ‘key to the puzzle’ to support these students’ learning challenges. Don’s leadership and product philosophy represent a quintessential approach to applying neuro-developmental models into his products and professional services.  In these questioning times of whether technology works to improve student outcomes, I continue to be impressed with Don’s mission of incorporating the latest research and feedback from school personnel, students, their families and experts in the fields of literacy, neuroscience, and technology.  I believe that Don Johnston and his company are significant contributors to building a base of resilience for all kinds of struggling learners. Thank you Don, for making a real difference!

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Start-to-Finish brings many of the most important stories of all time to older students reading at earlier grade levels. Technology supports ensure students can be successful with the text.

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