The Dyslexia-friendly Classroom

We build tools like Snap&Read™ becuase they can be deeply effective against the hurdles of Dyslexia, but it takes more than that to build a Dyslexia-friendly classroom. Kindness, ongoing evaluation, building experiences, these things are vital to creating class spaces that can reach the full potential of every student.


    Some common signs of dyslexia can often be overlooked, making it hard to diagnose:


    Has extended hearing; hears things not said or apparent to others; easily distracted by sounds


    Complains of dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading


    Extremely keen sighted and observant, or lacks depth perception and peripheral vision


    Can be ambidextrous, and often confuses left/right, over/under.


    Difficulty sustaining attention; seems "hyper" or "daydreamer".

Dyslexic students who feel badly about themselves may not have the social confidence or skill to seek and maintain friendships, and may become withdrawn from friends and family.

Hearing text spoken aloud can make all the difference

Dyslexic students can benefit from triangulating on text, making sure that for every word they see, they are able to access that meaning in other ways, including through images and sound. Often, a simple text reader accommodation can make all the difference.

  • Snap&Read

    Let students read the way they learn best with an all-out assault on dyslexia.

  • Text to speech

    Listen to text for greater comprehension

  • Text Leveling

    Dynamically adjust the readability of text without changing the meaning

  • Readability Analyzer

    See the grade level equivalent of the text on any webpage.

  • Translate

    Translate text into 100+ languages on any webpage.

  • Highlighter

    Highlight what you want to read and save for later.

And it works where you need it:

  • Google Chrome Extension

    Works across Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows desktops running the Google Chrome Browser.

  • iPad App

    Get many of the top reading tools on iPad. Plus, take a picture of a worksheet and Snap&Read will read the text aloud through a built-in screenshot reader.

  • Online

    Browse any webpage, and use Snap&Read’s toolbar to understand everything on the page.

  • Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

    Use Snap&Read’s toolbar with over 3.2 million Kindle books.

  • PDFs

    Give access to worksheets and any PDF from your Chrome browser or iPad.

  • Bookshare

    Get access to nearly 800,000 book titles in the Bookshare library.

Try Snap&Read™ for yourself to fight dyslexia student by student.

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Immediately access a free trial and see how Snap&Read™ can help students with Dyslexia reach their potential.


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Letting them read in the way they learn best brings real understanding to the text in front of them—which just might change everything.


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How do I get a free Educator or Parent account?

Set up at least one child or student (through an Educator or Parent account) and you get access to Snap&Read and can also manage your student/child accounts.

What advantages do I get with an Organizational License?

Organizational licenses are designed to support an entire organization or an entire site. They can be paid for by purchase order and multiple levels of user can manage educators, students, and data.

What are my payment options?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Organizational licenses may be paid for by Purchase Order.