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Don Johnston


I started my company in 1980 with a singular vision to help students read and write with technology. Since then, we’ve reached over 32,000 schools with our assistive technology tools, and in some ways, it feels like we’re just beginning to see what’s possible. I’ve found that a lot of students we work with struggle with the same challenges I had when I was their age. You probably want some background, so here’s my story and what drives us to do what we do.

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Allison Dennis

Amy D Aquila

Baylee Royal

Ben Johnston

Beth Garza

Beth Kalish

Bob Keller

Brenda Bender

Brian Gay

Candace Ames

Candy Cooper

Chris Basten

Chris Bjorklund

Chrissy Alexander

Colleen Sandquist

Dave Butler

Deb Klein

Dina Dermont

Dixie Wilson

Dustin Vanderploeg

Heidi Diskin

Holly Wendt

Jason Lewandowski

Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Loucks

Jim Hildner

Joan McAlpin

Josh Maglasang

Justin Doyle

Karla Rachfal

Kevin Johnston

Kevin Weiskopf

Kimberly Jackson Betke

Linda Hoening

Lisa Rusch

Lydia Christensen

Marci Butler

Mary Ann Wilson

Mary Krenz

Michele Christensen

Mike LeBoida

Pam Passolt

Roger Oland

Roxy Taylor

Ruth Ziolkowski

Sarah Brown

Torrie Turner

Trisha Johnson