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Start-to-Finish brings many of the most important stories of all time to older students reading at earlier grade levels. Technology supports ensure students can be successful with the text.

Start-to-Finish Brings the Most Important Stories to Their Lives—Through Reading

Start-to-Finish brings many of the most important books of all time to older students reading at elementary school levels. They will not only have a wide selection of engaging books aligned to state standards, they’ll have the supports they need to fully experience the stories while building reading skills. Reading is supported with professional narration, word- and sentence-highlighting, and built-in physical accessibility features.

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Edited by SLPs

Meticulous editing by experienced SLPs ensures maximum engagement and readability. See what makes Start-to-Finish so readable

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Pick Your Device

Start-to-Finish works with any web-enabled device including iPad, Android, Mac, Window, and Chromebook. Licenses can be used anywhere with an internet connection including school, home, and anywhere in-between.

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Professional Narration

Trained readers narrate Start-to-Finish Books to ensure fluency and correct pronunciation.   Listen to a sample

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Reading Data

See reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the amount of time spent reading using Start-to-Finish. Track progress and celebrate outcomes with each student! See a sample report

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Built-in single-switch scanning, professional narration, word and sentence highlighting, and fully accessible with alternative keyboards.

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Start-to-Finish® Library Pricing

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Yes, it includes built in single and two-switch scanning.

Sure. We posted a few sample chapters that you can check out. At this time these demo pages are just computer-only (it won’t work on your smartphone or iPad). Visit on your computer and click on “Try The Demo.”

Yes. The online library includes the same titles as the original Start-to-Finish desktop series with over 90 chapter book titles.

We treat the licenses separately, but you can certainly continue using your current books even after you purchase the online version. The paperback and audio books are actually a good complement to the online version (the pages have a 1:1 correspondence) and you can push the computer CDs out to your classrooms without internet access. Unlike the Start-to-Finish computer, audio, and paperback book sets, which were sold one title at a time, the new online version includes a complete library of over 90 chapter book titles. We tried to price the online library affordably for unlimited school and home access.

The way it’s set up, each school counts as a site. We priced it affordably (less than the cost of one iPad per site) so that classrooms can have anytime access to the whole library. It’s hard to be fully integrated and UDL with the lending library setup. One thing that was never possible before with the Start-to-Finish lending libraries but is now with the online version is that a classroom can read the same book at the same time without purchasing 15 or more copies of each title.

Yes, provided is not specifically blocked.

This is where the beauty of the cloud shines brightest. You never have to sync devices. If you log in and read a book on your iPad, you can open your laptop later and begin reading where you left off without syncing, ever!

Absolutely! Just hit the link to the HTML version of Start-to-Finish, which allows users to enlarge text.

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Get the most out of Start-to-Finish with our how-to guides, video tutorials, and more.

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