Word Bank™

Instantly create and use word banks for writing, vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and recall.

Create a Word Bank™ with a Click of a Button

The key vocabulary of the website you are on will instantly be made into a word bank. Or… simply search over 5+ million topics to extract and create a word bank of that topic’s core vocabulary.

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Creating a Word Bank

To create a word bank, just navigate to a webpage and click the yellow button.

5+ Million Topics

Or, type in the name of a topic. Over 5+ million topics are available! Watch 3 Minute Demo

Using Word Bank

To use the word bank in your writing, hover over the words and listen to them out loud. If you’d like to enter that word into your writing, there’s no need to retype, just click on it, and it will be inserted wherever your cursor is placed.

Adjusting Layout

Depending on your purpose, you can adjust the word bank’s layout. If you’d like to use it for writing and finding words, an Alphabetic layout supports finding words easily. If you’d like a word bank to obtain the gist of an article and the most important vocabulary used, then a Circular layout will place the most important words in the middle and less important words towards the outside.

Word Bank™ Pricing

Educators and parents get free access with one or more students set up.

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Word Bank Universal was built for easy installation and quick deployment.

Districts with licenses can download and install Word Bank Universal at any time. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a code to log in and set up students. Students can use Word Bank on their personal devices. They just download the extension or app and log in.


If you have at least one student or child, you will have access to the tools for free as Educator or Parent.

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Resources & Support

Get the most out of Word Bank with our how-to guides, video tutorials, and more.