Teachers' Alliance

You help others find joy and meaning through learning. It’s why Those who CAN…Teach.

A New Community of Special Educators

who work with students with complex instructional needs

Teachers’ Alliance members are looking to change the world—one classroom at a time—often starting with their own. We share resources, methods, and first-hand knowledge to improve outcomes for students regardless of ability.

Teacher Heather and student Molly

“I always felt called to teaching, to helping others. I love working with my students. They bring a smile to my face and just light up my world.” ∼ Heather

Ryan Callahan, Junior High Teacher, wearing a purple shirt, in front of bookcases

Reading is a skill that’s necessary for all people for safety, employment, for daily living. My high school students are at many different levels—from early emergent communicators up to early conventional readers. I’m working to build skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.” ∼ Ryan

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Janet Sturm in First Author classroom

“Everyone should have opportunities to write about things they love especially as a beginning writer” ∼ Dr. Janet Sturm (left)

It’s called Teachers’ Alliance because each member has the same goal—to make education better, together!

Featured Alliance Leaders

Laura Cuthbertson

Phoenix, Arizona

Laura Cuthbertson in her classroom

Laura Cuthbertson is a special education teacher with degrees in audiology and speech pathology. After spending five years as an assistant in an autism classroom, she realized she could be a great teacher. She went back to school for her teaching certificate, and teaches at Royal Palm Middle School in Arizona.


Read more of Laura’s story and why she chose to teach.

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Carrie Ponitz

Johnsburg, Illinois

Carrie Ponitz

Special Educator, Carrie Ponitz, didn’t choose Readtopia. Her administrators brought it into the district, but Mrs. Ponitz quickly embraced the materials when she saw how quickly her students connected to the content. Reading time used to be filled with groans, now her students are even excited to take home the books and read them to their families. The diversity in her classroom varies widely from non-readers to early readers, so Readtopia’s seven text levels allows her to meet the needs of each of her student.


Watch a short video of Carrie and her class talking about Readtopia.

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