Accessible EdTech for the Inclusion Classroom

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Presented By: Al Thomas / Stephanie Gilley

Your students will soon be back in their inclusion classrooms. You want it to be their best year yet! But after remote/hybrid learning, students with learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD may not:

  • Feel ready to re-engage alongside their peers
  • Have the tools they need to access the curriculum

In this webinar, two innovative educators kick off the new year with tools and strategies designed to cultivate curiosity, build confidence, and make learning accessible for all students.

Al Thomas is a Creativity Integration Consultant and Founder of Educopilot. He explores concrete ways to use edtech to create space for student voice and choice. His lessons will:

  • Follow principles of Multiple Means of Engagement, and Representation
  • Complement a wide range of subject matter
  • Integrate with academic goals
  • Support Social and Emotional Learning

Stephanie Gilley is a former classroom teacher. She will discuss student-centered tools to make lessons accessible. She will show tools for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD:

  • Text-to-Speech to support reading comprehension
  • Study and Outline tools build organizational skills
  • Voice-Typing, Word Prediction, and Topic Dictionaries help turn ideas into writing
  • Translation supports for English Learners

Get pumped for a new level of creative, student-centered learning with Al and Stephanie!

About the Presenter

Al Thomas

is an educational leader with a passion for creativity and the opportunities it can provide for students. He has more than twenty years in education as a teacher, principal, district-level director, and consultant. His passion is to develop, curate unique, and innovative solutions that improve learning for all and to inspire educators by sharing inspirational stories through various forms of visual storytelling.

Stephanie Gilley

is a former classroom teacher of 15 years. She spent the majority of those 15 years teaching second grade and served as team lead for 10 years. Now she serves as the Educational Support Specialist for the state of Texas. What she loves most is that she gets to support both students and educators!