Accessible eLearning—It Looks Like This!

Presented by: Mike Marotta, ATP

About the Webinar

With the move to eLearning, districts see the need for accessibility more than ever to support students with IEPs and 504 plans. The challenges with eLearning include:

  1. Widening performance gaps for students with IEPs  
  2. Teachers struggling to support the wide range of abilities in their inclusion classrooms
  3. Related services having fewer ways to drive IEP goals 

While districts turn to accessibility as one fundamental way to address these issues, what does accessible eLearning look like in practice? 

Join accessibility expert and ISTE Inclusive Learning Network Outstanding Educator, Mike Marotta, as he demonstrates how accessibility tools including uPAR, Snap&Read, and Co:Writer help students tackle send-home assignments with more independence. He’ll show how:


  1. PDF annotation tools help students complete worksheets, quizzes, and eLearning packets 
  2. Reading tools work to aid comprehension—including read-aloud, text leveling, visual supports, reading guides, and study tools
  3. Writing tools help students access their full writing abilities through word prediction, vocabulary support, and voice typing/speech recognition

Want to see what accessible eLearning looks like? View the on demand recording.

About the Presenter

Mike Marotta, ATP

is a RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional, owner of Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC. Mike is a nationally recognized speaker who has provided training at the local level as well as at the major national Assistive Technology conferences (ATIA, Closing the Gap, RESNA) in all areas of Assistive Technology.