Accessible Reading for Learning Recovery: Where to Begin

Presented by: Amy D'Aquila

About the Webinar

As hybrid and remote/elearning continue, so does the struggle for your students who are reading below grade level. With the increased amount of independent assignments and reading, some students are:

  • Feeling completely overwhelmed with reading comprehension-based tasks
  • Consistently failing to complete assignments
  • Falling further and further behind their peers

Where will you begin on the road to learning recovery for your students who struggle to comprehend curriculum content?

For many students, simple read aloud accommodations can make the difference. But first, you need to determine which students can benefit. uPAR® shows you through a simple online-delivered process that only takes one class period to deliver—both in-person or remote. It pinpoints which students can access grade level text by listening to words read aloud—one of the first steps in learning recovery.


Join us for a snapshot* look at how to make better decisions on read aloud accommodations—including from remote.  You’ll come away with a process to:

  • Implement uPAR from remote or in-person
  • Determine the benefit of read aloud accommodations
  • Collect data needed for IEP goals
  • Run a Data-Walk showing students what they can really do!

This free webinar is 20 minutes long. Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance, and a guide to “Administering uPAR from Remote”.

About the Presenter

Amy D'Aquila

is an Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated. Amy has expertise in the educational trends, funding and statewide initiatives that impact her territory. Her goal is to help school systems stay abreast of cutting edge technology, as well as to assist them as they choose, implement and use that technology to improve students’ performance and meet state standards.