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Presented By: Beth Kalish

Digital learning brought a surge of PDF assignments and quizzes. Educators naturally turned to Google Classroom to manage these resources, but PDF annotation isn’t built in.

The new Snap&Read PDF Classroom Toolkit fills this void by adding a complete set of PDF Annotation Tools right in Google Classroom. With these new tools, educators can add instructions and assign work through collaboration tools while students fill out assignments, save, and turn in—all through Google Classroom. Of course, accessibility comes built in.

Join us for a snapshot look inside the new Snap&Read:

  1. Collaboration tools connect educators and students
  2. Direct integration with Google Classroom—save assignments, assign, and turn in
  3. New PDF markup tools—drawing tools, notes, and “stamps”
  4. New Snap&Read® Workspace allows access to multiple PDFs at the same time
  5. New ways to open PDFs (QR codes, Assignments in Google Classroom)
  6. Personalized settings to support dyslexia (color overlays, remove distractions, fonts

This free webinar is 20 minutes long. Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance.

About the Presenter

Beth Kalish

is a Senior Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated. For more than 10 years, Beth has passionately worked to help all students have the right tools to unlock the doors of learning.