AT Today: The Role of Accommodations in Specially Designed Instruction

Presented by: Mike Marotta, ATP

About the Webinar

Presenter: Mike Marotta, ATP

With the proliferation of technology available in our classrooms today we don’t need accommodations anymore, right? Maybe you work in a 1:1 Chromebook environment so there is no need to document AT on an IEP, right? Or your school practices Universal Design for Learning, so there is no need for customized solutions for students, right?

The short answer is: NO, NO and NO!

In this on demand webinar, Mike Marotta explores the current landscape of technology in the classroom—looking at the role accommodations play in effective, inclusive instruction giving every student an opportunity to be successful.

He dives into:

  1. Tools built into Google, and tools that go beyond Google
  2. Ways to identify the right individualized reading accommodations
  3. How to support students with reading and writing tasks
  4. Tools that make instruction more effective for educators

About the Presenter

Mike Marotta, ATP

Mike Marotta is a RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional, and owner of Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC. Mike is a nationally recognized speaker who has provided training at the local level as well as at the major national Assistive Technology conferences (ATIA, Closing the Gap, RESNA) in all areas of Assistive Technology