Believe in a Better Writing Curriculum for Students with Complex Needs

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Presented By: Janet Sturm, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

A special opportunity to hear directly from Dr. Janet Sturm, author of the First Author Writing Curriculum™.

Teaching writing is a top priority for special educators—and also one of the biggest challenges they face. It’s difficult to know how to teach writing in-person let alone through remote or hybrid learning when:

  1. Many students are at a functional level (copying, tracing, and writing their names)
  2. Some students can’t even hold a pencil or type a single word on a computer
  3. Many students have difficulty engaging at writing time especially via webcam

In this webinar recording, Dr. Janet Sturm unpacks these challenges and shares a proven model of writing instruction and measurement (using First Author Writing Curriculum) that can be used for in-person and eLearning.

Dr. Sturm shares how to:

  1. Teach writing to students who don’t seem “ready to write”
  2. Help students see themselves as “authors” with something to share
  3. Measure progress using a 14-point scale
  4. Use First Author to engage students during eLearning
  5. Believe in Better and reconnect with the joy of teaching (our most important job)!

With the right teaching resources we can Believe in Better writing instruction in special education “classrooms.” We have to…and we’re doing everything possible to make things better for you and your students with complex needs

About the Presenter

Janet Sturm, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

is a Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders at Central Michigan University. Dr. Sturm has been working in general and special education classrooms for over 30 years. Her research and development work focuses on writing instruction for students with disabilities, computer-supported literacy, formative and summative assessments of beginning writers, and classroom communication.


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