Co-Teaching in the Age of Accessibility: A Roadmap for Special Education Administrators

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Presented By: Becky Covalt, Ed.S. / Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR

Co-teaching is often the answer to support students with IEPs, but there are limits to co-teaching. This webinar is for you if…

  • You don’t have enough co-teachers to meet your students’ needs
  • Your students are dependent on co-teachers and aren’t becoming independent
  • Your co-teachers aren’t effectively utilizing accessible technologies

These gaps can often be bridged through the help of assistive technology accommodations—both in the hands of co-teachers and also leading to student independence and a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

In this webinar, Becky Covalt, former Special Education Director, and Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR share a roadmap for improved co-teaching through accessibility, including:

  1. Aligning assistive technologies into co-teaching arrangements
  2. Transitioning from co-teacher supported to independent
  3. Implementing professional development to build capacity

About the Presenter

Becky Covalt, Ed.S.

is an Educational Consultant and former Director of Special Education. Becky has served special populations in public and therapeutic education settings for the past 20+ years. Her experience as a special education administrator and background as a recreation therapist has developed a passion for learning, innovation, inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Becky is a strong student advocate and committed to transforming education.

Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR

is President of Don Johnston Incorporated. Ruth is an Occupational Therapist, a national education leader and speaker. She has acted as liaison between the assessment consortia and Assistive Technology professionals. Ruth is an AEM Center Advisory Committee Member and on the Board of Directors for The Assistive Technology industry Association (ATIA). She has been a strong student advocate for more than 30 years. Most importantly, Ruth cares deeply about supporting kids who learn differently.