Co:Writer Test Mode: Using Writing Accommodations on the Assessment

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Presented By: Kevin Johnston

It’s important for school districts to implement their accommodations plans well ahead of Assessment time.

In this webinar recording Kevin Johnston, VP Research & Development at Don Johnston Incorporated, shares how Co:Writer Test Mode can help you comply with your state’s writing accommodation requirements.

Co:Writer builds in settings that align with over 50 different state assessments*—automatically adjusting settings based on documented state requirements and then locking those settings during the assessment.

Kevin covered Set/Up/Management, Settings, Installation, Test Security, and getting data for Proof of Accommodation Use. Watch to also get a sneak peek into Don Johnston’s latest collaboration with Pearson to embed accommodations directly into the TestNav-based assessment—coming in fall 2020.

*Check with your local regulations and authorities to confirm that Co:Writer can be used on your state assessment. States do not endorse specific products, and all of the work done to comply with state regulations were based on published requirements.

About the Presenter

Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston, VP Research & Development at Don Johnston Incorporated. Kevin has expertise in creating industry collaborations with a variety of leading educational vendors. Kevin works with educators to increase their knowledge of critical literacy technology. His goal is to help school systems choose, integrate and use reading and writing technology to improve student performance.