eLearning and Reading Disabilities—How to Use uPAR to Identify Students Who Need Reading Accommodations

Presented by: Dave Butler

About the Webinar

Access to eLearning “snapshot” series*: Tools to Bridge the eLearning Gap

By now you’ve experienced firsthand that Remote/eLearning is really difficult for your students who struggle with reading. With the increasing amount of independent assignments and reading, some students are:

  1. Feeling completely overwhelmed with reading comprehension-based tasks
  2. Consistently failing to complete assignments 
  3. Falling further and further behind their peers

For the large majority of these students, simple technology-based read aloud accommodations can be life changing. But first, you need to determine which students can comprehend better with those supports. See how uPAR®—an online delivered protocol—helps identify which students need read-aloud supports for eLearning.

*This webinar is part of our Access to eLearning “snapshot” series of 20 minute sessions covering accessible learning curriculum and technologies to bridge the eLearning gap. Each session was designed for administrators and practitioners and includes free tools, resources, and a path to develop a more equitable school infrastructure. The tool genres presented (assistive and accessible technologies) are recommended by the CARES Act education funding guidelines.

About the Presenter

Dave Butler

Senior Educational Support Specialist