eLearning for Students with Disabilities….Accommodations and the General Ed Curriculum

Presented by: Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR, MBA

About the Webinar

Special education is a service not a place. But with the shift to eLearning, supporting students with IEPs has never been more difficult. 

Districts are facing challenges:

  1. Helping students with IEPs access the curriculum through eLearning platforms 
  2. Supporting teachers as they accommodate a wide range of student needs
  3. Aligning with parents as they support their child(ren) at home

As districts scramble to address these issues, they are putting accommodations in place to address many of these issues and help students work more independently.

Join Ruth Ziolkowski as she shares how reading, writing, and learning accommodations can help administrators, practitioners, and parents as they support eLearning for students with IEPs. 

Attendees will receive these eLearning accommodation resources:

  1. Parent pack
  2. Teacher resources
  3. Tools skill alignment chart for administrators

About the Presenter

Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR, MBA

Ruth is the President of Don Johnston Incorporated. She is an Occupational Therapist, a national education leader and speaker. She has acted as liaison between the assessment consortia and Assistive Technology professionals. She has been a strong student advocate for more than 30 years. Most importantly, Ruth cares deeply about supporting kids who learn differently.