Hamilton Meets The Digital Learner: Who Reads, Who Writes, Who Tells Their Story?

Presented by: Amy D'Aquila

About the Webinar

During the American Revolution, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton wanted to have a lasting impact on the world around him—a legacy to leave his children and grandchildren. His ability to read and write helped lift him from poverty to making a mark on history. Now in the current technological revolution, we can open this story for many more through accessible technologies. Let your legacy be that of connecting students to their full potential with the right supports. Amy D’Aquila will demonstrate visual, auditory, and learning supports that help bridge the gap for struggling readers and writers—using examples from the smash hit musical, Hamilton.

About the Presenter

Amy D'Aquila

Amy D’Aquila, Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated. B.A Business/ International Relations.  Amy has expertise in the educational trends, funding and statewide initiatives that impact her territory.