Remarkable Teachers Webinar: How Leah Behr Reaches the Most Diverse Student Needs

Presented by: Don Johnston, M.S. / Leah Behr / Torrie Turner

About the Webinar

I want better for ALL my students, but when I started teaching middle and high school students with intellectual disabilities and autism, I ran into many challenges: 

  • Students were at all different levels (from non-readers to early readers)
  • Some students seemed disengaged from learning
  • Many students had challenging behaviors and it was difficult to figure out what to do

Over the last few years, I breathed new life into my classroom with some new strategies and resources that give me the tools I need to teach the way I always wanted to…

  1. Each student is participating and engaging with leveled resources—words, vocabulary, and even books that my students can handle.
  2. I teach interesting literature, science, social studies, and math topics to every student, despite the level at which they appear to function. 
  3. Challenging behaviors have dropped so low now that students are engaged and learning.

In this webinar, I’ll share how I used Readtopia to make these shifts. My students are actually building background knowledge and making connections to their own lives. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


Don Johnston (himself) is joining me on this webinar to share more about Readtopia. You can ask me questions, and I’ll share strategies that worked in my classroom.

Materials included in the Readtopia 30 day Sampler

In this webinar, you’ll get access to a free month of Readtopia lessons.

About the Presenter

Don Johnston, M.S.

is the CEO and Founder of Don Johnston Incorporated. For forty years, Don has committed himself to developing Human Learning Tools and Curriculum for classrooms in order to serve the widest range of student learning needs.

Leah Behr

is a Special Educator at Sun Prairie Area School District in Wisconsin. She has taught special education students with intellectual disabilities and autism at the middle school level for 16 years

Torrie Turner

is a Curriculum Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated. She has a background in social work and psychology. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Augustana College. She brings 10 years of experience in child welfare as a caseworker initially for foster care and subsequently for transitional living and independent living programs.