How to Use Technology Integration to Drive Creative Learning for ALL Students

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Presented By: Al Thomas / Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR

View this webinar wtih Al Thomas, Creativity Integration Consultant and Founder of Educopilot and Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR as they explore how to use creative learning to drive learning.

In a time when far too much time is spent on technology for rote learning, we can’t lose sight of the bigger opportunity to use technology to engage, personalize, create—leading to deeper learning!

What if students could:

  1. Build a website to champion a cause?
  2. Create a 1-minute documentary to make a point they cared about?
  3. Collect and organize video, text, and image “artifacts”in Google to tell and deliver a story?

These examples not only can align with learning goals, they draw on multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression to become unforgettable. And integrating accessible technologies help bridge reading and writing gaps so ALL students can participate.

The model is simple:

  1. Shift mindset to help students develop creative skills
  2. Find workflows that best support each student’s needs
  3. Integrate accessibility tools to lift reading and writing barriers

About the Presenter

Al Thomas

is an educational leader with a passion for creativity and its opportunities for students. He has more than eighteen years in education as a teacher, principal, district-level director, and consultant. Currently, he consults with schools on building systems and staff capacity to transform teaching and leadership by using creativity, technology integration, and design thinking. Al is the former president of the ISTE Educational Leadership PLN..

Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR

is President of Don Johnston Incorporated. She is an Occupational Therapist, a national education leader and speaker. She has acted as liaison between the assessment consortia and Assistive Technology professionals. She has been a strong student advocate for more than 30 years. Most importantly, Ruth cares deeply about supporting kids who learn differently.