Learning Recovery in Your Special Ed “Classroom”—How Readtopia Can Help

Presented by: Karla Rachfal

About the Webinar

This school year has been difficult for our students with complex needs. And while we can’t change the past, we can look to bridge gaps and create the most differentiated (and incredible!) learning environment possible.

What resources will you need in your special education classroom(s) for learning recovery? In this webinar, we’ll show you a snapshot of how Readtopia® curriculum for special education can give you content to bridge learning recovery in reading, math, social studies, life skills, and science…all differentiated for the widest range of abilities.

You’ll see how Readtopia helps special education teachers:

  • Improve engagement (and behaviors!) with age-respectful lessons and differentiated materials
  • Prepare for both remote / eLearning and classroom instruction
  • Cover standards and help students make progress on IEP goals

Attendees receive free Readtopia lessons and COVID Relief Funding Resources.

About the Presenter

Karla Rachfal

Curriculum Support Specialist

Don Johnston Incorporated