Making Student-Led Learning Accessible with Meg Ormiston

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Presented By: Meg Ormiston

Increased engagement. Higher test scores. Reduced educator burden. Independent access to the curriculum. Tools to increase autonomy. Skills that last a lifetime.

The benefits of student-led learning are clear. But when it comes to turning learning over to students, where does one even begin? And how can technology help drive student-led learning?

Meg Ormiston will show you how.

In this webinar, Meg, one of the “most influential educators of 2020,” according to Tech & Learning, will break down how districts can start making the shift towards student-led learning, and illustrate how that shift can progress over time.

Meg Ormiston, M.Ed. author of the NOW Classroom series

  • Participants will discover how to:
  • Start a student-led learning initiative appropriate for ALL students
  • Utilize resources to maximize student learning plans
  • Elevate social skills, mastery, and accountability
  • Use tech tools to support all learners with independent learning (including Snap&Read and Co:Writer)

About the Presenter

Meg Ormiston

is an author and a presenter who specializes in transforming teaching and learning through the power of digital tools. Her research is focused on how curriculum can be delivered through the use of visual images, simulations, and multimedia coupled with real-time assessment aligned to the Common Core State Standards.