Our Favorite Remote/eLearning Strategies from Special Ed Teachers and Parents

Presented by: Lauren Sheehan, M.S. / Laura Cuthbertson, M.A. / Marci Butler, / Don Johnston, M.S

About the Webinar

The new school year comes with many questions from special education teachers facing another year of remote/eLearning, including:

• What do “classroom” activities look like through Remote/eLearning?
• How can we create meaningful connections with students and parents?
• What are some effective ways to deliver engaging lessons to students with complex needs?

View this recorded webinar for guidance and new strategies from two special educators and a parent as they share how they use Readtopia for remote/eLearning.


Teachers Lauren Sheehan, M.S. and Laura Cuthbertson, M.A., joined parent Marci Butler to share their favorite eLearning strategies using Readtopia. They covered:

  1. Adapting classroom activities for eLearning using apps (like Pear Deck) and household items
  2. Refocusing & reconnecting with students using flexible delivery + familiar/routine habits
  3. Integrating lessons with the school Learning Management System (including Google Classroom, Class Dojo, etc.)
  4. Getting students to “lean in” to eLearning (through spontaneous communication, creating “Ah-Ha!” moments, and more)

About the Presenter

Lauren Sheehan, M.S.

Special Education Teacher for Alan B. Shepherd High School in Illinois. Lauren has been teaching students with significant complex needs for more than 12 years. She’s been using Readtopia for several years for in-person instruction and most recently for eLearning and ESY.

Laura Cuthbertson, M.A.

taught special education using Readtopia to drive her instruction. Laura recently joined the Don Johnston team as a Curriculum Specialist.

Marci Butler,

Curriculum Implementation Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated has been a preschool/kindergarten teacher. She is the mother of eight children. Marci uses Readtopia lessons at home for eLearning with her children.

Don Johnston, M.S

CEO/Founder of Don Johnston Incorporated. Don started his company 40 years ago to provide special education curriculum and learning tools to support the full learning of all students. Don is the visionary behind Co:Writer, Snap&Read, Readtopia, and more.