Our Top 5 Reading Tools that Make eLearning Content Accessible

Presented by: Annie Hagy

About the Webinar

Whether eLearning, virtual, hybrid, or in-person, this school year will require more independent learning, reading, and understanding. How will you ensure your students have the right tools to access their coursework and materials?

What will be in your Toolkit?

  1. Join us for a snapshot look at five tools in Snap&Read that make eLearning content accessible.
    PDF Annotation — markup worksheets, save, and submit
  2. Read Aloud (and screenshot reader for inaccessible text including text embedded in images and scanned PDFs)
  3. Translation and language supports
  4. Study Tools—including reading guides like KWL, SQ3R, and CRISS Strategies
  5. Visual Supports including color overlays/reading line guides and remove distractions

We will also show how these tools work across all kinds of content and in any learning environment (Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, PDFs, webpages, OverDrive, and Kindle Cloud Reader).

About the Presenter

Annie Hagy

Implementation Support Specialist