OverDrive and Snap&Read—Millions of Free Digital Books Now Accessible

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Presented By: Kevin Johnston

OverDrive® powers millions of FREE digital book checkouts through over 43,000 school and public libraries around the world. If your library offers digital book checkouts, chances are good that they use OverDrive. But Digital doesn’t always mean accessible, and many students rely on accommodations to read successfully whether at home or in the classroom. 

Adding Snap&Read to OverDrive gives students access to a set of tools to better comprehend their reading including:

  1. Read-aloud accommodations
  2. Reading/writing guides (KWL, SQ3R, Compare and Contrast, etc.)
  3. Highlighters/notes
  4. Text masking (to aid visual focus)
  5. Translation (over 100 languages)
  6. Dynamic Text Leveling

Watch the webinar recording to learn how Snap&Read® and OverDrive® give students access to their full reading capabilities through a simple set of tools and millions of free books.

Note: this webinar is intended to show how Snap&Read accessibility features work with OverDrive® and is not associated with OverDrive or its parent company.

About the Presenter

Kevin Johnston

VP Research & Development at Don Johnston Incorporated. Kevin has expertise in creating industry collaborations with a variety of leading educational vendors. Kevin works with educators to increase their knowledge of critical literacy technology. His goal is to help school systems choose, integrate and use reading and writing technology to improve student performance.