Remote Dysgraphia and Writing Evaluations—A Playbook

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Presented By: Dr. Denise DeCoste / Maricris Formoso-Santos, PT, ATP,

The need to do remote evaluations is here to stay. And having a process in place to assess writing issues (messy handwriting, spelling issues, organization, etc.) is essential for your students with dysgraphia and other writing challenges.

In this webinar recording, Dr. Denise DeCoste (author of DeCoste Writing Protocol and uPAR) and Maricris Formoso-Santos (New York City DOE) share their playbook for remote AT writing evaluations. You’ll come away with new ideas based on research and practice including:

  • Applying the NEW Remote Screening Adaptations guide in The DeCoste Writing Protocol
  • Saving time with strategies and effective practical application of the evaluation process
  • Creative hacking for Zoom, webcam/still-camera observations, 2-iPad connections, and more!

About the Presenter

Dr. Denise DeCoste

is an occupational therapist and a special educator with 40+ years of experience in the field of assistive technology with her doctorate focusing on using assistive technology to improve the spelling and writing development of students with severe speech and physical disabilities. Denise is also the co-author of PAR/uPAR, the transformative protocol that shows which students can benefit from a reading accommodation.

Maricris Formoso-Santos, PT, ATP,

is an Assistive Technology Supervisor at the New York City Department of Education, Center for Assistive Technology. Maricris works closely with district leaders and school administrators on the provision of assistive technologies to access the curriculum. Maricris is RESNA-certified and has been in the field of Assistive Technology for 12 years. She is currently providing Citywide professional development series in collaboration with the Office of Special Education Access and Literacy Team to support Accessible Educational Materials and Universal Design for Learning initiatives.


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