Shake Up Learning with Google and Kasey Bell

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Presented By: Kasey Bell

New technologies are opening up more possibilities in education than ever before—moving from static models to dynamic engines of learning. Kasey Bell is at the forefront of this movement—inspiring thousands of educators through her Dynamic Learning Framework. As a Google Certified Innovator and education all-star, Kasey will share technologies and practices that Shake Up Learning™.

Kasey will share tips and strategies to go beyond traditional learning using Google for Education:

  1. A practical framework for meaningful Blended Learning
  2. Digital learning strategies for every classroom
  3. Google templates, lesson plans, remote learning tips, and more!

You’ll also hear Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR share her UFC Model™ (Universal Tools, Fidelity of Implementation, Celebration) to harness the power of technology in the classroom to help ALL students access learning—including students with learning challenges (dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, etc.).

Participants will walk away with lesson ideas and a FREE toolkit!

About the Presenter

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach, international speaker, author, blogger, and podcaster with a Texas-sized passion for technology and learning.

Kasey is the author of the Shake Up Learning blog, multiple books, and host of The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast. As a skillful facilitator, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Certified Trainer, Kasey has led a variety of digital learning workshops across the globe and helped thousands of educators to transform their classrooms!