Specially Designed Instruction for Writing—5 Inclusive Ways to Help the Struggling Writer

Presented by: Kelly Fonner, M.S.

About the Webinar

As practitioners and administrators, we see students with writing needs that are very easy to spot:

  1. Poor fine motor skills
  2. Messy or slow handwriting
  3. Lack of attention to tasks
  4. Poor spelling
  5. Difficulty getting ideas down on paper

What to do about it is another story, but the good news is that SDI provides a direct path to help students with writing in a very inclusive way.

In this webinar, Kelly Fonner will share a 5-Minute Screening Tool to identify the writing accommodation needs of each student, and then how to accommodate writing to ensure access to the curriculum using:

  1. Word Prediction… to assist in getting ideas down in text
  2. Speech-to-Text…  as another means of writing
  3. Vocabulary… build academic and topic-specific vocabulary
  4. Translation… for your language learners
  5. Data Walks… to build student confidence

About the Presenter

Kelly Fonner, M.S.

Kelly Fonner, M.S. is a consultant and trainer in assistive and educational technology. Kelly is an international speaker with more than 30 years working with individuals with disabilities as a teacher, AT consultant, and program developer. You can find her at www.kellyfonner.com