Tools to Bridge the eLearning Gap: 5 Essential eLearning Tools for ELL

Presented by: Nik Poulakidas

About the Webinar

English Language Learners are facing increased challenges in Remote/eLearning without the usual supports they have in the classroom. ELLs most often struggle with:

  1. Vocabulary – unfamiliar vocabulary reduces comprehension when reading
  2. Spelling – there are so many exceptions to every rule
  3. Grammar – subject/verb agreement, tense, word order, etc.

These students need access and support in all areas of study as well as across all types of content—websites, PDFs, email, word docs, slides.

Watch this on-demand *snapshot* look at five features in Co:Writer and Snap&Read that help bridge the eLearning gap for ELL students—at home or in the classroom.

You’ll come away with an understanding of each of these tools:

  1. Co:Writer
    1. Word prediction with the right tense and conjugations
    2. Word-by-word translation
    3. Speech recognition (student speaks in their first language, Co:Writer translates automatically)
  2. Snap&Read
    1. Text-to-Speech in English and the student’s first language
    2. Translation (over 100 languages)
    3. Bonus: Dynamic Text Leveling in English and the student’s first language!

About the Presenter

Nik Poulakidas

Implementation Support Specialist,

Don Johnston Incorporated