We Teach First Author! Teaching Writing to Students on the Alternate Assessment—How to Get Started

Presented by: Torrie Turner, M.A.

About the Webinar

Presenter: Torrie Turner, Curriculum Support Specialist

Writing is an essential part of a comprehensive literacy program. So, why are most students on the alternate assessment stuck copying and tracing (even through high school)? Largely, the alternate assessments (including DLM) require students with complex needs to write using the letters of the alphabet, but this often begins with scribbling and letter-like shapes. Using First Author (an evidence-based writing curriculum by Dr. Janet Sturm) as a foundation, this webinar answers three key questions:  

What does writing look like for students with complex needs?

What does instruction look like?

How is progress measured?

About the Presenter

Torrie Turner, M.A.

Curriculum Support Specialist