We Teach Readtopia! 3 Things to Plan for the Best School Year Ever

Presented by: Jeanmarie Jacoby, M.Ed. / Laura Cuthbertson

About the Webinar

Presenters: Jeanmarie Jacoby, M.Ed. and Laura Cuthbertson, Special Education Teacher

While special education classrooms are all very different, successful teachers have several things in common—they inspire, they adapt, and they truly reach every single student.

But it often feels like we’re flying by the seat of our pants. The general education classrooms seem to have a predetermined course (the curriculum and books are set at the beginning of the year). In our special education classrooms, it’s common to feel like we’re stringing things together—often over the weekend! What’s the best way to plan? How can we get ahead of the game? In this webinar, you’ll see an inside look at how Readtopia has given special educators the resources they need to reach every one of their most diverse learners.

About the Presenter

Jeanmarie Jacoby, M.Ed.

Jeanmarie leads the Don Johnston Curriculum Implementation team after 33 years as a special education teacher. She earned her master’s degree in special education and holds a graduate certificate in Assistive Technology Applications.

Laura Cuthbertson

Laura Cuthbertson has been working with children with Autism in and out of the public school setting for 10 years. She is working on her Master’s degree with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder at Grand Canyon University.