WE TEACH Readtopia How to Be the Teacher You Always Wanted to Be

Presented by: Dr. Caroline Musselwhite / Courtney Moore

About the Webinar

Think back to when you made the decision to teach special education…what inspired you to make that decision?

Was it to create all of your own materials (because the district didn’t have anything appropriate for your students)?
Was it the feeling of never having enough time?

Was it all of the IEP paperwork?

No. No. No!

The realities can be far apart from the real heart of teaching special education. You became a teacher because you saw that the students needed you, and you wanted to make a difference.

How can we get back to that?

In this on-demand webinar, special educator, Courtney Moore, and education expert, Caroline Musselwhite, share how Readtopia gives them the teaching resources to do their best work—helping them get back to what they love about teaching:

  1. Teaching with engaging and age-respectful content aligned to the curriculum
  2. Facilitating positive social-emotional learning
  3. Making teaching come alive with Thematic Units, video, leveled graphic novels, and authentic texts
  4. Really differentiating to meet the unique needs of each student

They’ll also share how the teaching resources helped them reclaimed the time and freedom they needed to feel on top of their game.

About the Presenter

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

assistive technology specialist with more than 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents with significant disabilities. She has taught courses at several universities, authored a number of books on educational topics, and presented thousands of workshops throughout the world.

Courtney Moore

special educator at Sweetwater School in Arizona. Courtney has been using Readtopia for three years with her students with complex learning needs.