Your Accessibility Toolkit—Their Seat at the Table

Presented by: Beth Kalish

About the Webinar

There’s room for everyone at the table of learning. But students with learning disabilities often feel undeserving, unheard, left behind in the realities of “the new normal.”

  1. Many students can’t fully access grade-level text
  2. Grammar and spelling get in the way of writing
  3. Functional barriers limit participation

As your team looks to invite ALL students to learn, what should you look for in accessible technologies?

Join Beth Kalish to see the latest tools in Co:Writer® and Snap&Read™—from PDF annotation, Dynamic Text Leveling, voice typing, to ELL language and translation support. Direct access to the curriculum means every learner’s voice and choice is included—even when learning from remote. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Access grade-level text in classroom and eLearning settings
  2. Use learning tools that give students access to their full writing capabilities
  3. Improve student outcomes and inform instruction with data

About the Presenter

Beth Kalish

Educational Support Specialist