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Reading assistant with text leveling, study tools, and translation.

Help students understand everything they read today. Available as a Google Chrome Extension and on iPad.

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Word prediction, speech recognition, and language support.

Kickstarting the writer inside. Available as a Google Chrome Extension and on iPad.

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Data to show how students read best.

Your launching pad for their flight.

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Automated Quiz Creator for Google Forms.

Your onramp to Google Forms.

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Reading Curriculum for Special Ed

Opening experiential learning to everyone.

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First Author™

Writing Curriculum for Special Ed

Building communication through writing.

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We asked students and adults what they would do if they could learn anything.

From student to professional, our Human Learning Tools give people access to their full learning capabilities—to better reach for their goals in life.

The Path to UDL: Why UDL is Tough to Implement — and Five Necessary Components to *Really* Make UDL Happen

UDL is simple: take technology, media, goal-setting, and some new findings on how the brain works and each student would get the right supports to be successful as can be. It sounds like a dream...until you wake up and realize: Teachers don't want one more thing to do. It's a "special ed" initiative, so it's out of the "general ed" sandbox. You work with individual students, but UDL requires "system change." You're out of your league! Okay, so where does that leave your UDL initiative, and where do you go from here? Join AT practitioner, thought leader, writer, and UDL evangelist, Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, PhD., as she goes under the surface of UDL to give five components necessary to make it *really* happen.

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