Every student’s own personal toolkit for understanding everything they read today.

What if Reading was Universally Accessible for EVERY Student?

How we take in and use information has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Fortunately, the tools have changed too—helping students fully participate and make progress across the curriculum. Snap&Read offers the most complete toolkit available to meet the different ways and styles in which students learn today—from students who have challenges that affect their ability to read to the most advanced students who appreciate a structured approach to tackle assignments.

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Read, Organize, Annotate — Your 360 Degree Reading Toolkit

Snap and read feature dial showing three sections: read, organize, annotate

Read: Dynamic Text Leveling™

Dynamically adjust the readability of text without changing the meaning. Watch 3 Minute Demo

snap and read feature dial showing dynamic text leveling for complex vocabulary

Read: Translation

Translate text into 100+ languages on any webpage. Watch 3 Minute Demo

snap and read feature dial showing an example of the translation feature

Read: Text-to-Speech and Screenshot Reader

Listen to text as it’s read aloud across websites, PDFs, and Google Drive—even text embedded in images or PDFs. It also reads in other languages. Read the Article

snap and read feature dial showing text-to-speech read aloud

Organize / Focus: Study Tools, Highlighter, and Organizer

Gather information from multiple sources (including images), organize, take notes, and pull everything together in an outline. Drag and drop text and images from your outline right into a Google Doc for use in writing.   Watch 3 Minute Demo

Animation showing study tools including highlighting and organization tools

Organize / Focus: Remove Distractions and Color Masking

Get rid of distracting content and adjust fonts, spacing, and number of characters per line. Then bring focus to text by masking the reading area with color line guides.

snap and read feature dial showing visual highlight text masking feature

Annotate: PDF Annotation

Mark up PDF worksheets and quizzes from your browser with tools for highlighting, typing, labeling, drawing, and commenting.

snap and read feature dial showing PDF annotation tools: drawing, typing, and commenting

Annotate: Collaborate

Educators add instructions to PDF assignments and send to students to complete though Google Classroom. Students use annotation tools to complete assignments and then save to Google Classroom or print out.

animation shows PDF collaboration features where a teacher and student add comments and notes to an assignment

Annotate: Google Classroom and LMS Integration

Distribute and manage assignments directly through Google Classroom or share links to PDF worksheets and quizzes through any LMS including Canvas and Schoology. Or share assignments through a QR code.

animation shows integration with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas

Leading with Snap&Read

In over 3,000 school districts, Snap&Read is helping students open possibilities through reading!

Snap&Read™ Pricing

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