The First Automatic Quiz Generator for Google and Google Forms.

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Build quizzes automatically from any text with one click. Automatic scoring through Google Forms shows instantly what is being comprehended.

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Quizbot extends the capabilities of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, automatically creating quizzes from any content and putting it into Google Forms. 

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How it Works

1. Visit a webpage or open a PDF in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge 2. Activate Quizbot in the browser toolbar — the quiz is automatically built (through patent pending technology) and put into Google Forms 3. Modify and add questions, then send to students Quizbot returns quiz results instantly


Just about any website can be used as source material for Quizbot.

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Instantly Create Quiz Questions and Answers from Your Text

Give Quizbot the text / reading passage, and it instantly returns a quiz with questions and answers already linked. The technology powering Quizbot is patent pending.

Animation illustrates how a quiz is made from any text with Quizbot

Easy Quiz Delivery

Deliver quizzes through email, link, or embed them.

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Instant Results

See quiz results showing student knowledge and comprehension.

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Customize questions in Google Forms to test for higher-order of thinking. Multiple question types including comprehension and vocabulary.

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About the Creator

Neil Goldman spent 15 years as a counselor, computer programmer, web designer, and information technology director before making a life-altering career change to become a teacher. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, a Master of Arts in Psychology Services from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Science in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Interview with Neil Goldman

The idea behind Rewordify came when I saw my students stumbling over Shakespeare. The difficult language got in the way of their love for the story. I figured there should be a better way so I started programming. Little by little over several years Rewordify was born, and literally millions of users rely on it to get over vocabulary bumps to see the beauty in the story. I still spend evenings reviewing word results and poring over recommendations to make the system smarter.

I believe that vocabulary is the biggest obstacle to comprehension for my students. And comprehension is the gate to higher order thinking. Monitoring my students’ vocabulary and comprehension levels throughout the year is imperative.   But, for my students, it is also important that I am engaging them in the classroom because I feel that if they are reading something that piques their interest, they are more curious and excited to learn.   Using quizzes to assess my students’ progress and growth is necessary, but I was spending so much time creating them, grading and assessing the results. I kept thinking that there had to be a more efficient way.

There are a lot of unique features. With Quizbot, I found that I was able to recapture that lost time of developing and scoring the quizzes. I was able to apply that time to improving and differentiating instruction based on the information coming from Quizbot. And, because Quizbot allows me to create short, frequent quizzes, I am able to see exactly where students need help.   The district and school push a lot of initiatives on teachers, rightfully so, and Quizbot was a perfect way for me to implement technology to do the clerical work for me. This allowed me to focus more on teaching and engaging with my students.

Very much so. Quizbot has also allowed me to differentiate the quizzes by both readiness and interest for my students. Allowing them to embrace their own interests increases their engagement in my classroom. I can create a few different quizzes on topics that I know are of interest to my students and they can choose which one they want to take.

Extremely important. Given Google is universal and can be accessed anywhere, I needed Quizbot to run on the Google platform to allow for a better experience for teachers.   Quizbot does just that by doing the difficult work for them. Now they don’t have to get bogged down by the logistics and the time associated with creating a quiz. Quizbot will do it for them and return the results automatically right in Google Forms. The benefits of this for the educator are immeasurable.

I hope that teachers see the same necessity for Quizbot that I do. For me, Quizbot is the answer. It allows me to monitor the growth of my students, improve overall learning and learning outcomes, and genuinely allow them to embrace their interests, while increasing vocabulary and comprehension.   It is not only what I need, but it is what my students need as well, even if they don’t realize it.

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