The Better Way to Make Quizzes with Google Forms

By: Luke Trayser

Google Forms icon, heart icon, and Quizbot icon with a woman in a blue shirt, smiling while using a laptop

Starting is always the hardest part. Whether you’re trying to get out of bed to go to the gym, launching into that difficult conversation you’ve avoided for a while, or developing a new quiz for your classroom, resistance is strongest before you begin.


It’s human nature to see a new project and get stuck facing all the work that has to be done. If you picture a messy home, the thought of cleaning it can be borderline paralyzing. But if you use the 5-Minute Room Rescue method (which you should absolutely do, by the way), it becomes much more doable.

Woman smiling at the camera holding a card with the Google forms logo in her right hand

The same goes for learning and using a new tool you’re not accustomed to, such as Google Forms. It has stunning potential in every classroom, but the daunting task of gaining fluency with it is a big reason why it’s not yet universal. 


But the fact is, developing and grading quizzes the old way is much more difficult than using Google Forms. Quizzes are vital to assessing students’ progress and growth during the school year, but the investment required is significant. Creating quizzes is hardly motivating. It’s time-consuming coming up with good distractors in a multiple-choice question. And that’s enough to make even the most patient teachers rip their hair out. 


An easier way is needed. One that simplifies Google Forms while simultaneously giving accessible and independent access to educators’ existing worksheets. Not to mention the ability to create new quizzes tied to reading assignments—instantly.


Joyous news: That easier way already exists.

Quizbot: The Quiz-Generating Robot Pal You’ve Been Waiting For

Starting a project may be the hardest part, but when tools kickstart the process and automate the most tedious parts, that burden gets lifted. Like what the Roomba did for vacuuming, Quizbot does for making quizzes.

Quizbot generating a quiz on dolphins

It’s the first automatic quiz generator for Google. Educators can create their own accessible quizzes with Quizbot with one click, from any web page or PDF. Fresh-baked, from-scratch quizzes happen with just three quick steps:

Animation illustrates how a quiz is sent to students
  1. Visit a website or open a PDF in Google Chrome.
  2. Activate Quizbot in the Chrome toolbar. The quiz will be automatically built and put into Google Forms—fully accessible! There are multiple question types, including comprehension and vocabulary.
  3. Modify and add questions to test for higher-order thinking, then send the quiz to your students.

It’s borderline magical to witness.


It helps educators go from content to quiz creation to analytics with virtually no learning curve.

Features of Google Forms You Should Not Miss

Once Quizbot generates a quiz from any page in seconds, don’t forget to take advantage of all the extra stuff that’s packed into Google Forms.


Before your students take the quiz, you’ll be able to decide whether they should receive their grade immediately or after you review, and whether they should see their missed questions, the correct answers, and each question’s point value.


During the grading process, you can see auto-generated summaries for all quiz responses. You can review the questions that were missed most frequently, you’ll get graphs marked with correct answers, and you’ll also receive the average, median, and range of scores.

Animation of Quizbot showing instant results after students take a quiz

The Quizbot + Google Forms combination is powerful enough to make you instantly bid farewell to the old way of creating and managing quizzes for your classroom. Learn more about all available features on the Google Forms support page.

You’ll Never Go Back to the Old Way!

Teachers who have yearned for a better way to create and grade quizzes would do well to look at Quizbot. It harnesses the power of Google Forms like nothing else ever has. Just imagine: building quizzes—automatically and from any text—with one click, then automatic scoring for an instant snapshot at what’s being comprehended and what’s not.


Learn more about Quizbot—and sign up for your free trial to see if it’s a fit in your classroom

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