COVID-19 Disruptions — How We Support Remote Learning

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As you prepare for school schedule disruptions and remote learning possibilities, you should know that our tools are here to help you not miss a beat.


Here’s how…

Access to Learning for Students with IEPs, 504 plans, ELLs

Many of your students with learning and language needs rely on staff members to help them access the curriculum. Of course, in the event of a school closure or remote learning scenario, students will have limited access to aides and paraprofessionals.

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Our tools can fill many of these gaps—from read-aloud, writing support, speech recognition, annotating PDF worksheets, to language needs—they help students gain learning independence. And the tools are ready for remote learning, so students get access to the curriculum wherever they are—at school or at home.

How our Tools Work for Remote Access

  1. Co:Writer (word prediction, speech recognition, and language support) and Snap&Read (reading accommodations and study tools) are all available across platforms including iOS, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Students can install on any device and login with their username and password—getting access to all of their personalized settings and resources.

  2. Our Chrome and Edge Extensions work right in the browser window on top of the Learning Management System (LMS) your school uses for remote learning. Some LMSs are inaccessible to reading, so Snap&Read’s Screenshot Reader takes a picture of the text, makes it accessible, and reads it aloud.

  3. Quizbot gives teachers a quick way to make quizzes from any content and deliver to any student right in Google Forms—great for quick comprehension checks.

  4. uPAR shows which students can benefit from a read aloud accommodation. It’s completely delivered online and can be administered remotely.

  5. For homes that don’t have internet access, a library or community center may give students access to their schoolwork. Most of our tools (with the exception of certain features) will work offline once the tools are downloaded and the student is logged in. Text-to-speech and word prediction is fully accessible without internet access.

On-boarding Students and Teachers

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Our Don Johnston Learning Academy is a free self-guided learning platform for students and teachers. Student-led video modules walk through Co:Writer and Snap&Read. Three sections break the learning down for the most beginner to advanced user.


Tip: the learning modules make a great homework assignment. Students can send you the certificate as proof they completed a course!


If you have our tools, great—you have the learning tools to give your students access to the curriculum—from anywhere.


If you don’t have accessible learning tools in place yet, we have affordable pricing options for individuals and entire schools and districts to be prepared for a possible school or district closure. Request a price quote.

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