Read, Organize, Annotate — Your 360 Degree Reading Toolkit

Snap&Read 360

Snap&Read offers the following specialized features to support learners & educators:


snap and read feature dial showing dynamic text leveling for complex vocabulary

Dynamic Text Leveling™: Increases the readability of text by turning difficult vocabulary into simpler language—on any webpage or PDF.

Text-to-Speech: Reads text aloud, highlighting each word as it goes. Includes options to personalize voice, pitch, speed, and highlighter color. Works in conjunction with other Snap&Read features.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Accesses text typically inaccessible to text readers, including text within images, PDFs, infographics, and graphs.

snap and read feature dial showing text-to-speech read aloud
snap and read feature dial showing an example of the translation feature

Translation: Translates text into your choice of over 100 languages within a webpage, article, or PDF. Includes the option to read text aloud.

Picture dictionary: Double-click a word to display a quick definition that includes related images to support comprehension.


Note-taking tool: Opens a sidebar for taking notes while you’re researching or studying—no more switching between tabs and documents. Captures images & quoted text, creating an automatic hyperlink and bibliography to credit the source.

Outline Template Tool: Offers a variety of pre-made templates to organize thoughts, study notes, and project research within the note-taking tool. Includes study tips and guidance for structuring essays.

Animation showing study tools including highlighting and organization tools
snap and read feature dial showing visual highlight text masking feature

Remove distractions: Eliminates visual noise—like advertisements—from a webpage so all that remains is original content & language in a clean, distraction-free format.

Color overlay: Digital color overlay with line-by-line contrast to assist with tracking and focus reader attention. A variety of colors personalize visuals to meet student needs.


PDF reader: Access, annotate, and share PDFs via Google Classroom, QR code, direct link, or print & download. Quick turn-in button for students streamlines assignments—no more downloading and uploading.

Snap&Read 360 Annotation

PDF Annotation: Features include text, highlighting, a free-drawing tool & paintbrush, and a saved signature option for a quick & easy way to sign documents.

Collaborate: Educators add instructions to PDF assignments and send to students to complete through Google Classroom. Students use annotation tools to complete assignments and then save to Google Classroom or print out.

Snap&Read 360 PDF Collaboration
Snap&Read 360 LMS Integration

Google Classroom and LMS Integration: Distribute and manage assignments directly through Google Classroom or share links to PDF worksheets and quizzes through any LMS including Canvas and Schoology…or share assignments through a QR code.

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