2021 Don Johnston Incorporated Highlight Reel

…and we’re here for it

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As we bid adieu to a year that was many things to many people, we’re looking over our shoulder at what we’ve published this year. In our line of sight is a lot of smart people speaking to various human issues big and small.

Nuance, or all our subtle differences, make us human (and sometimes the earmark of a Twitter pile-on). And all of our little quicks require a thousand different approaches to life.

We always dig an opportunity to explore things that could help us be “human” better.

Our year in articles:

Students collaborating using assistive technology on a tablet

Is it possible to over-emphasize the importance of accessibility? We think not.

Accessibility differentiates can’t from can, period, full stop. In its absence, significant parts of society—vital parts, essential parts—would be entirely unavailable to people with disabilities.

Our 2021 in webinars was spent consorting with good folks who’ve dedicated their careers to other people’s can, and this was the result.

Our year in webinars:

Introducing our most-attended webinar of 2021:

Non-speaking students ramp up communication

At the William E. Carter School in Boston, non-speaking students have more to say, thanks to Sarah Wakabayashi, M.S., CCC-SLP, Kim Kulasekaran, M.S., and the rest of the Carter School staff.

Their story blew us away because it’s Mario’s story, and Carlos’ story—the story of students gaining the ability to express who they are inside, to the outside.

Talk about access.

Take a gander here, or read the article write-up here.

Maybe bring a tissue.

Thanks for being a part of our 2021