7 Inclusive Instagram Accounts to Follow this Summer

by Mary Pembleton

The students are home, the classrooms are empty, and summer is in full swing. But regardless of the time of year, inclusion is always in season. Check out these Inclusive Instagram accounts below to supercharge your feed this summer. These are some of our favorites!

Neurodivergnt Teacher Instagram


Accessibility Specialist McAlister is an educator who is neurodivergent herself.

Her content is brimming with creative classroom tips like interest-based timers, countdowns and regulation strategies. She also explores possible explanations for sometimes-mysterious neurodivergent behavior.

You’ll dig her fun, creative reels and TikTok trends!

Made By Dyslexia Instagram


Made by Dyslexia is a “global charity, led by successful dyslexics.”

Their content celebrates “dyslexic superpowers” like out-of-the-box thinking, emotional intelligence, and leadership.

You’ll learn how to support children with dyslexia, the importance of identification, and how to explain dyslexia to children.

Shane Burcaw Instagram


Shane Burcaw and his partner Hannah are an inter-abled couple known for their YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs. Shane is a writer, self-described wheelchair enthusiast, and disability advocate.

Together with Hannah, Shane talks about the challenges and triumphs of his life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. You’ll enjoy the sweet and funny way Shane and Hannah share stories of their life together as newlyweds.

Abagail the Advocate Instagram


Abigail the Advocate is a speaker, triathlete, teacher assistant, and Down Syndrome advocate. Her video content showcases her many adventures and accomplishments as well as positive and encouraging messages.

Watch Abigail as she trains for a triathlon, wows a crowd, or takes to the dance floor. You’ll love sharing in Abigail’s positivity, joy, and infectious smile.

Special Books By Special Kids Instagram


Former special education teacher Chris Ulmer travels the country to interview people with disabilities. SBSK started as Chris’ interviews with his own students and exploded into a YouTube phenomenon with over three million subscribers.

You’ll appreciate getting to know amazing people with many different kinds of disabilities and experiences. You’ll love Chris’ deeply compassionate and humanizing approach to interviewing.

Understood.org Instagram


Understood.org’s mission is, “To help those who learn and think differently discover their potentials, take control, find community, and stay on positive paths along each state of life’s journey.”

Their Instagram is filled with insightful information (think how to help children manage anger, positive discipline tips, etc). You’ll find testimonials about neurodivergence as well, and suggestions for how to best support it in the classroom.

Don Johnston Inc Instagram


(*Shameless self-promotion*) Don Johnston Incorporated was founded by Don Johnston, an entrepreneur whose life has been greatly impacted by his dyslexia. The company makes tools for dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Our company Instagram posts strategies, resources, and keeps followers informed about our free upcoming webinars, which feature some amazing folks in the fields of inclusion and assistive technology.