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Presented By: Mark Surabian

The greatest challenge facing a struggling student is not a learning difference, but rather the passing of time.

They wait for us to notice their struggle, to convene and plan remediation, and to nurture their emerging skills.

And they wait for us to consider Assistive Technology (AT). And after we do, they still wait for our selection, acquisition, training, and implementation.

And as this time passes, they lose interest, fall further behind their peers, and ultimately doubt their own ability to learn.

If we can’t change how time passes, then how can we at the very least sustain their interest, keep them on task with their peers, and preserve their learner confidence?

In this webinar, Mark Surabian, founder of, will explore a proactive approach that promotes “multiple literacies in learning tools” for all students—way before they begin their struggle.

Attendees will:

  • Discover through a comparison of cases studies how early introduction of AT has a greater impact on student outcomes
  • Learn how some AT users develop alternative and innovative learning skillsets never before imagined
  • Acquire AT resources for addressing challenges in reading, writing, organization, math, and note-taking
  • Get an opportunity to ask questions and suggest recommendations to this new paradigm which encourages Assistive Technology Literacy for All Students (ATLAS)

Join Mark for a paradigm shift. You won’t want to miss what this visionary has to say!

About the Presenters

Mark Surabian

founder of, has utilized assistive and instructional technologies to serve the educational and vocational needs of thousands of individuals with disabilities for over 30 years, across five states, in both private and public school systems, residential and work facilities, and within home-based learning programs. He supports children and adults with communication, vision, learning, and physical challenges. His program,, provides free AT training to professionals at schools and agencies across the greater NYC area.