Building Classrooms of Belonging

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Presented By: Christina Woods

We all want to create the best learning environment for all students.

Join us for an inspiring discussion with Christina Woods where she will explore educator practices that create spaces that affirm, encourage, and challenge students.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Connect culturally responsive pedagogies to social emotional learning; examining why belonging influences achievement
  • Reflect on “teacher culture” and educator self-management– tools for responding to adult needs in the classroom
  • Explore data-driven strategies to build and maintain relationship–efficient systems that partner practice with simple reflection
  • Embed grounding rituals in daily or weekly classroom practices–reflective writing, daily dedications, and community wisdom to name a few!

About the Presenter

Christina Woods

Christina Woods, M.Ed. (she/her) is an anti-bias educator and consultant, and the founder of The Future Perfect ( a cohort-based professional development program that harnesses the power of the collective to create purposeful learning experiences, practicum, and reflection. Christina knows that teacher and school leader development is most effective when it combines information with application. Christina’s professional areas of interest include the relational aspects of anti-bias and anti-racist education, affinity spaces, social emotional learning, universal design for learning and culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy.

As an educator, Christina both creates and curates curricula and pedagogical supports. She has experience teaching in grades K-12, as well as in post-secondary as a professor of education serving secondary teaching candidates. As a consultant, Christina has worked with public and private educational institutions, parent organizations, schools, faith communities, and corporations as they progress on the continuum toward creating spaces of authentic belonging.