Dyslexic Advantage? How New Approaches and Tools are Unlocking Potential

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Presented By: Ptahra Jeppe, Esq., M.S. Ed. / Mark Surabian

If you work with students who have reading challenges, you probably deal with dyslexia every day. You see students:

  • Struggling with fluency, decoding, and comprehension
  • Falling behind in content-area classes
  • Relying on aides and teachers for reading tasks

Bottom line—you see students with a ton of potential, but reading is holding them back.

What can you do about it?

No one can speak to a path to success better than Ptahra Jeppe, a dyslexic reading at a 4th-grade level, who ended up graduating from law school with honors (and passed the bar exam!), and Mark Surabian, ATP, founder of AThelp.org.

They’ll share powerful approaches and a toolkit to unlock potential in students with dyslexia by:

  • Identifying students with dyslexia and assessing their needs
  • Understanding the firsthand experience of dyslexia and strategies that work
  • Creating an accessible learning environment—including tools for dyslexia (that helped Ptahra)

Get inspired! Come and learn from these amazing two people and see what can make a real difference for your students.

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and Participant Resource Folder with extensive resources on apps, extensions, tools and technologies to add to your Dyslexia Toolkit!

About the Presenter

Ptahra Jeppe, Esq., M.S. Ed.

is a Disability Civil Rights Attorney who received her J.D. magna cum laude with a curricular focus in Disability Law & Policy and an M.S. Ed. in Disability Studies from Syracuse University College of Law. Her practice has focused on disability civil rights cases concerning equal access to public services and programs in the areas of education, communication, and transportation. Ptahra believes that her extreme dyslexia has given her a personal understanding of the barriers faced by people with disabilities and motivates her to continue to advocate for meaningful access and opportunities for all.

Mark Surabian

Founder of ATHelp.org has utilized assistive and instructional technologies to serve the educational and vocational needs of thousands of individuals with disabilities for over 30 years, across five states, in both private and public school systems, residential and work facilities, and within home-based learning programs. He supports children and adults with communication, vision, learning, and physical challenges. His program, ATTrain.org, provides free AT training to professionals at schools and agencies across the greater NYC area.