Included and Thriving: Kathy White’s Inclusion Playbook

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Presented By: Kathy White

Rewind the clock. Kathy White was at the crossroads—seeing learners in her district falling through the cracks and didn’t have enough staff to scaffold learning for every student.

As Kathy White says, “too many students and not enough time.”

Fortunately, with the tools and strategies Kathy and her team employed, they built a playbook that has become a beacon of inclusion that other schools and districts follow. From her methods, not only has the inclusion rate skyrocketed, but students are now finding real success in their general ed classrooms. In this webinar, Kathy breaks down her playbook into five key steps that get results, including:

  • Universally screening to identify which students can comprehend text at grade level with a reading accommodation (and stay included!)
  • Implementing inclusion tools for reading and writing
  • Using data to show real outcomes
  • Capturing and sharing student stories to get administrators and staff on-board
  • Saving staff time with UDL and the right processes

Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear from Kathy White—a brilliant out-of-the-box thinker who’s passionate about school and student success. Her passion is infectious—get inspired!

About the Presenter

Kathy White

is an Assistive Technology Specialist with over 33 years working in public education in Janesville, WI. She is a presenter at state and national conferences, including Closing the Gap. In her “retirement,” Kathy is co-managing the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s AT Forward Project, an initiative to increase student autonomy.